Attic / Loft Room Conversions

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One of the most popular home alterations that people living in Port Elizabeth have done to their homes is a loft conversion.  Many PE home owners realise that there are many benefits in starting a loft or attic conversion project. Contact us here 087 550 3736

Does a loft conversion add value to your home?

This is generally the first question that home owners in PE ask.

The answer is a definitive YES!  Loft conversions do add to the value of your home which is another reason why it is one of the most popular home extensions done in Port Elizabeth.

Can any house have a loft conversion?

Although we would love to say that the simple answer is yes, it is not really all that simple.  There are some roof types that make it more difficult and expensive to complete the bedroom loft conversion, such as flat roof houses or houses with truss roofing.

There are ways around it though, so it would be best to check with your professional loft conversion contractor to see what they advise for your property.

How can I use my loft?

Depending on your roof height you can use your loft room conversion for anything from storage space to a new loft bedroom and ensuite.

It is advisable to check the roof space available and what can be done to make your loft extension suitable for your intended use before you start your attic conversion project.

Loft Conversions and Building Regulations

Every municipality in South Africa has a set of building regulations which need to be adhered to for all alterations, improvements or extensions you have done to your home.  Loft conversions are not exempt from these regulations.  You will need to contact your local municipality and find out what the building regs for loft conversions in your area are.

If you hire the services of a specialist loft conversions company then they will be able to assist you with the building regulations and what you need to do to get your 2 bedroom loft conversions approved by the municipality.

Do I Need Planning For A Loft Conversion?

From a legal and compliance point of view, yes you do need to have a professional and registered architect to plan your bathroom loft conversion for you which will have to be submitted to the local municipality for approval.

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Apart from the legal requirements, you will also need to plan what you want the loft for and how you going to be using your loft bedroom conversion.

What you should think about while planning your loft conversion

  • Your Neighbours
    Ask your neighbours if they are going to have a problem if you have a loft conversion bedroom and bathroom done on your home. Most neighbours’ shouldn’t have a problem, but some may be rather upset as you will be able to see more clearly into their property from your loft.
  • Use of the loft
    If you only want the loft for storage space then you won’t need to plan a lot. If you want a home office, play area for your children, entertainment area or 3 bedroom loft conversions or even a bathroom loft conversion then you will need to plan everything from the size to the plumbing before you begin.Another important point which will determine whether you can have what you want with your loft is the head space available.  Low roofs will not allow you to have anything more than storage space in the loft, unless your chosen loft conversion specialist is able to provide a solution that you can afford.
  • Foundation
    You will need to check that your foundation is strong enough to handle the additional weight of the bedroom loft conversion. Your loft conversions contractor will be able to advise you on this.
  • The placement of the staircase
    You will need to have a staircase installed to reach the attic conversion once it is completed. If you don’t want to give up a portion of a room or a whole room of your current property for the loft staircase then you may have to give up on the idea of a bedroom and bathroom loft conversion
  • Your Roof
    Before you go ahead and start with everything that needs to be done to start your loft conversions project, get a professional loft conversion contractor to come and inspect your roof to ensure that it is suitable for a loft room conversion.

Expected time frame

Most loft conversions can be completed in approximately 10 weeks.  Although this is an estimate as it does depend on the size of the house, how much of your roof space you are wanting to convert into a loft bedroom conversion, what you want to use the loft for and many other factors.

Cost of raising roof for loft conversion

The different types of loft bathroom conversions as well as the different uses for a loft conversion play a large role in the cost of the loft conversions.  Many home owners in PE have been able to have their loft conversions bedroom and bathroom done at an affordable price because their roof is not a rafter roof, so there is less restructuring that needs to be done.

For a good idea on how much your bedroom loft conversion will cost you will need to consult with a few registered loft conversion companies and get them to provide you with quotes for loft conversions based on your requirements and your property.

Unique & Stylish Loft Conversions

There are a variety of different designs for you to choose from, and the different types of contemporary loft conversions will also make it easier or harder for you to choose or design your loft conversion.

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Once you are ready to look at different loft designs your chosen loft conversion specialist will be able to advise you on which ones would be most suitable for your needs.

Remember to look at different loft staircase designs as well so that you can choose a design for your loft and staircase together to complete the look that you like the most.

Where to Find Loft Conversion Companies

Even though easy loft conversions are fairly new to home owners in Port Elizabeth there are a number of professional loft conversions companies in the area who have professional contractors who have a lot of experience with different types of loft conversions.

When you call your chosen loft conversions company in Port Elizabeth make sure that the loft conversion company is able to produce proof of their accreditations and experience.

A professionally completed beautiful loft conversion will give you additional space that you can do almost anything with, it also adds value to your property and makes your home unique to your neighbours.