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  • Crack Repairs, Prime, Preparation, Sand & Repainting
  • Paint House Interior & Exterior
  • Paint a Roof, Floors, Ceiling, Wall, Skirting Boards, Cabinets, Metal Surfaces, Stairwells. Gutters
  • Paint a Room, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Guest Room, Shower, Bathtub, Decks, Fences, Fireplace
  • Painting of Basement, Dining Room, Storage Room, Home Office, Garage Floor
  • Paint a Brick House, Apartment Flat, Guest Houses, Retirement Villages, Cafe’s, Restaurants
  • Body Corporate Apartment Complexes, Schools, Golf Estates, Offices Buildings, Retail Stores, Shopfronts, Shopping Centres, Strip Malls, Hotels, Churches, Warehouses

Every home owner wants to have a home that looks good, and all home owners know that to achieve this you need to paint inside and out on a regular basis, but a lot of people who own their own homes in Port Elizabeth try and extend the gaps between their painting projects as much as possible because of the expense. Professional painters in PE often charge more to paint a home that has been neglected even though the work involved is no different.


There are also a lot of DIY enthusiasts who would prefer to save some money and do the painting themselves instead of hiring a professional painting contractor in Port Elizabeth as they believe that house painting is not a difficult job, a lot of these home owners have run into problems while they have been busy painting and have had to call in a qualified residential painting contractor in Port Elizabeth to help them finish the painting job.

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It is important to note that many painting companies in Port Elizabeth will also increase the cost of their services in these circumstances because they often have to repeat the work that has already been done to ensure that the problem is solved correctly.

We advise that home owners find an experienced painter to attend to their painting project, regardless of whether you need an commercial painting contractor or a residential contractor the team at PE Builders is able to help you.

The Best Way To Paint a Room

Benefits of using Painting Contractors in Port Elizabeth: Home owners in Port Elizabeth need to know what benefits they have when they choose to hire a team of professional painters in Port Elizabeth to provide them with their painting services.

The team of painting contractors from PE Builders provides all our clients with a friendly service in a professional manner at all times, we are also able to provide you solutions for all your residential or commercial painting needs.

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Quality of Work – When you hire a qualified contractor you can be sure that the paint job will be done properly. Painters who are not experienced will not scrape the wall down to the plastering before repainting, this hides underlying problems and shortens the lifespan of your painting project.

Paint Types – The type of paint you use must be suitable for the wall you are painting. With so many different colours and types of paint available it is difficult to choose the right paint for your painting project, but with a specialist painting contractor in Port Elizabeth you will be given a selection of paint to choose from that is suitable for the location of the wall and the room that is being painted. Paint that is suitable for interior walls should not be used on exterior walls as the paint job will not last as long as it should.


Wasted PaintPaint is expensive, even though you think it would be a great family moment to have everyone get stuck in and help you paint the dining rooms walls, the amount of paint you will waste by spilling on the floor or putting too much on the brush and then suddenly starting a paint war with your partner is enormous.

By hiring professional painters in Port Elizabeth you will have minimal wasted paint, and the team of painters at PE Builders will clean up after the project has been completed so you do not have to worry about having to remove paint covered protection sheets without messing paint all over other areas of your home.

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Arty Walls – By hiring a specialist painting contractor in PE you can ask them to advise you on how to draw the attention of your visitors to a specific wall with painting techniques.

Instead of having bright colours to attract attention you can now have experienced painters using different techniques to make a wall stand out so that you can show case certificates or portraits that are important to you.


Roof Painting

Professional roof painting contractor service. We have been in the roof industry for many years, and we are experienced roof painting professionals in PE. We can bring your old brown or weathered roof back to life with beautiful colours that will last. We apply a complete coating to protect your roof from further weathering and damage.

Once you have changed the colour of your roof, you will not look back. It is best to leave the job to experts like us as it is not an easy task, and a slight mistake in the painting may make the entire surface look ugly. We are determined to provide you with quality work.

Hiring a Painting Contractor: Most home owners in Port Elizabeth will simply phone around to a few painting companies in PE and ask for a painting quote and then hire the company that gives the cheapest quote. Although this is a quick and easy way of hiring a Port Elizabeth painting contractor it does not mean that you have the best painting company handling your PE painting project.

One of the most important bits of information you need to get from any prospective contractor is references so that you can phone the clients and find out from them if they were happy with the work done.

When you ready to get painters in Port Elizabeth into your home to attend to your painting project you want to know that the people you have hired are affordable and experienced and will be giving you a professional service, it is important that you are happy with the company that you hire so that you can have the best painting experience possible without having to hire the most expensive contractors in Port Elizabeth.