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  • Renovating a house can be very stressful for your mind and pocket but with PE Builders it was so easy. The job was completed within the fixed time span and budget. Andre Thomas 12/15/2016
  • My bathroom got a new lease of life by PE Builder's renovation services. It is so clean and spacious now. And the amazing thing is the same bathroom now looks more spacious with better utilization of space. John Taylor 11/26/2016
  • My Kitchen was upgraded with all new stuff and equipment. The new tiles are so well done and the colour combinations used by PE Builders are wonderful.The exhaust system if also working very well now which was a major problem for me earlier. Maria 10/12/2016
  • PE Builders did a very good job. The construction of my new house was amazingly quick and clean. Hassle free service which was executed with complete professionalism. The job was completed just as scheduled and within the cost estimate. S. Wilson 09/01/2016

As a home owner in Port Elizabeth there will always be different building maintenance tasks that you will need to attend to on a regular basis, but there might also come a time when you are planning to have some house renovations done on your property because you are ready to do various changes to your property, and you will need to find suitable building contractor in Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha) to handle your project for you.

The Most Reputable & Experienced Builders & Construction Company in PE

One of the main concerns for home owners in Port Elizabeth is that building contractors often promise their prospective clients that they are able to provide a wide range of building maintenance services but when the clients need specific items done there is a problem. As a home owner you can avoid this problem by hiring the services of registered & approved building contractors in Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha) who have the required qualifications to handle your home renovations project.

PE Builders Services:  Our construction company in Port Elizabeth is able to provide you with a variety of different building services for your construction and home improvement renovations, therefore we are able to manage and complete all of your residential construction or commercial construction requirements.

While you are looking for the right professional contractors you will notice that there are many home remodeling builder/contractors in Port Elizabeth who advertise that they are able to provide the same or similar services for building a house to those provided by PE Builders, therefore we know that you will be gathering multiple building quotes before making the final decision on which of our residential building contractors in Port Elizabeth will be most suitable for your plans for building a house or any other specific project.

Home Improvements, Alterations & Extensions

The team of commercial builders and residential home builders at PE Builders are able to manage and complete your home renovation and remodeling project as quickly as possible which will minimize the amount of disruption you and your family experience due to your new house designs and building plans. Services include highly qualified electricians, pavers,  the best Port Elizabeth roofers and experienced bricklayers. Give us a call today.


Port Elizabeth Builders Location: Our residential construction company is based in South Africa and we provide our range of building alterations and home construction services to all home owners in Port Elizabeth, we have been in the industry for many years and have a lot of happy clients that we repeatedly assist with various small construction jobs. We are proud of our level of service and ensure that each staff member holds our business ethics and professionalism in high regard, which ensures that each residential building construction client is happy with our service.

Costs of Home Builders and Improvements: We understand that there are times when there are house plans for renovating your home that need to be attended to regardless of whether or not you actually have the building material, general building contractors or residential building costs to do so, therefore we strive to provide a wide range of general contractor services at affordable price.

A lot of small Port Elizabeth renovation contractors minimize their overheads and this saving is then passed onto the client, therefore your building costs are a lot lower than if you had to go with a home improvement contractors company in PE that has large overheads.

When you are looking for building quotes please note that PE Builders will not be able to provide you with any quotations without being able to evaluate your requirements and the property as each plan for building a home is unique and the amount of work that is involved differs along with the construction services and amount of contractors that will be required.


Specialist Advice: The local building contractors which are employed by PE Builders have years of experience as well as high qualifications in each specific field which we provide services for, therefore the advice that our home contractors in Port Elizabeth give you is sound and true.

If you have an idea for your home improvements but are not sure whether or not it will be suitable for you in the long term, we will be able to point out all the positive and negative points and advise you on the most efficient way to achieve your home alterations.

Benefits of choosing PE Builders: The team of residential builders employed by PE Builders are proud of their achievements in their field and this shines through in the work that we do, we ensure that each property we work on is left in an orderly manner and we strive to be friendly and professional at all times. Many construction companies will provide you with the basic services of a home builder that you require, while Builders in Port Elizabeth will ensure that you have thought of everything and provide a home renovation plan which allows you to keep informed of each phase of your project.