Proper roofing is your shield against torrid rains, burning heat, wild winds and many more. Any cracks or loose ends in the roof can bring the house down. Not only can faulty roofs cause massive leaks, they also influence the insulation in the house, and at times, they can even cave in. Therefore, it’s very important to have a strong roof over your head.

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With time, roofs get exposed to many external changes and situations, sometimes beyond control, which can create multiple problems.

Some of the most common ones include:

1. Damaged Roof Shingles

While shingles usually wear out with time, they can also be damaged due to wind and physical impact

2. Faulty Roof Installation

The base cause of many roof related accidents, faulty installation reduces the roof’s life expectancy dramatically, making it more vulnerable to any strong impact

3. Roof Punctures

Strong winds and torrid rains can cause punctures in roofing material. This can in turn affect the sealants and flashing material in the roof

4. Improperly Installed Flashing

Flashing is what seals the area where your roof has been penetrated for lighting, insulation’s pipes etc. Poorly installed flashing reduces the puncture resistance of your roof, increasing chances of leakage and mold growth

5. Ventilation:

Poor ventilation can invite growth of heat and moisture within the roof, which can cause damage to roof shingles, rafters insulation, and many at times even breed ugly molds and mildew problems

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Roofing problems are more common than you may realize. While it may be tempting to fix things on your own, it is always recommended to get it checked or repaired by qualified roofing companies in Port Elizabeth only. They only can detect the minutest problems which later could turn out to be catastrophic.

We at PE builders provide you with a 360-degree solution for the above, and many more roofing problems.

 Reliable Port Elizabeth Roofers

  • Roof Installation – Once you have purchased an ideal roof for your home, you need the hands of a professional to assist with its installation, and this is where we come in.
  • Roof Replacement –Leaking, old or faulty roofs may need to be replaced. This is also another area where we help.
  • Roof Maintenance – In order to ensure maximum duration of your roofing structure, it needs proper maintenance. We advise on some of the most recommended periodic maintenance procedures that can ensure the roof stays put as long as possible.
  • Roof Repair – We repair all kinds of roofs, be they asphalt, shingles etc.

Dozens of customers have placed their faith in our roofers with well qualified professionals with years of experience in residential and commercial roofing repairs or replacement. They call us the best roofing contractors in Port Elizabeth because they love our work and our customer service, which is a matter of pride to us.

Our Port Elizabeth roofers and contractors build everything with careful detailing and professional planning, like we’re building it for our own family. We are passionate about creating good work, and building excellent roofing system is right on top of that.

The biggest shield over you deserves to be strong and durable. Give us a call today at 087 550 3736 to give your roof the love and support it needs.

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