Bathroom Renovations in Port Elizabeth


Imagine laying back in a designer bathroom with bubbles all around you and allowing the stress of the day to gently drift away from you, leaving you feeling content and drowsy. Many home owners in Port Elizabeth are looking for the perfect solution for their bathrooms, as everyone wants that little piece of heaven they can escape to, without having to book into a luxury spa or hotel. How do you manage to get the stylish bathroom that is practical yet perfect for your little trip to a fantasy land?

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Bathroom renovations in Port Elizabeth are a large disruption to your daily routine, they throw the household into turmoil and many home owners worry about the mess that will have to be cleaned up afterwards.

Other concerns include the need for ablutions, it’s not always possible to ship the whole family off to the in-laws or a friend’s house to bath or shower, and what about those trips to the toilet in the middle of the night? These are just some of the concerns that arise when you start thinking about looking at renovating your bathroom.


Many home owners in Port Elizabeth are reluctant to renovate their bathrooms, but the state of their current bathroom makes the renovations become a necessity, so then they start to look for bathroom renovators who can complete the job as quickly as possible without being overly expensive.

The dream of being able to get into a relaxing bath and just lie back and let the body unwind after a busy day is what drives home owners to start with their Port Elizabeth bathroom renovations project.

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PE Builders is a team of professional bathroom renovators in Port Elizabeth who are able to provide you with the designer bathroom of your dreams without having to break the bank, we also take into consideration your different bathroom renovation PE ideas and provide you with bathroom plans so that you can compare your dreams to the available solutions and come up with the perfect designer bathroom for your needs.

A Few Port Elizabeth Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a String Budget

Once you have made the decision to have your bathroom renovated you will need to look at small bathroom renovation ideas in PE and different modern bathroom design ideas to see what it is that you want, and start to plan the project.

It is easy to say that you want a corner bath with his and hers shower, but if you have a small one you will either have to make alterations to your home to make the bathroom bigger or settle for a shower over the bath because of the space limitations.

Don’t let the size of your current bathroom put you off having the bathroom of your dreams, there are many modern bathrooms that are still stylish and practical even though the actual room is not very big.

The team at PE Builders will be able to give you some fresh insight on the bathroom design ideas that you have and provide you with affordable bathroom renovations in Port Elizabeth that will match your dreams.

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PE Bathroom Renovation Tips: Colours – When you renovating it is important to think about the long term investment, especially when it comes to the colours of your fixtures. You might think that a baby blue bathroom looks beautiful and that you can have an under the sea theme with the baby blue, making your designer bathroom a real escape from the world, but a few years later the dolphins and sea theme is no longer fashionable, so you want to update everything again and you are limited by the baby blue tiles, toilet, bath and basin!

Rather use neutral colours, like white for your fixtures and give your bathroom a theme and colour with your bathroom accessories, this will ensure that you can change the colours of your bathroom as regularly as you want to!


Bath, Shower or Both – Take a look at your normal daily routine, do you need a bathroom shower, a bath tub or both? A lot of people like to have both because there are times when you need to quickly get finished in the bathroom before dashing out the door to a meeting, but then there are times that you can relax and enjoy the pleasures of a bubble bath. The needs of your household are important to consider when you are renovating the bathroom.

Fixtures – The toilet, bath tub, basin, tiles and cabinets are all fixtures that will be included in your Port Elizabeth bathroom renovations. These are items that you will not readily change on a regular basis, so it is important that you think carefully before you make decisions on what you want where and what type of fixture you want. A lot of people have the bathroom cabinet under the basin because it saves on space, but you need to have a bathroom layout that you are happy with.

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Other fixtures which are not as permanent include the bathroom mirrors, towel racks and curtains, although these are also fixtures, they are easily changed to suite your latest design. Although it is important to look at bathroom ideas that will suite your available space and compliment the routine of your household, you can always have the bathroom layout renovated to suite the routine.


The Port Elizabeth Bathroom Remodel: Re modelling a bathroom is not as easy as renovating a bathroom, but there are many home owners who decide to take on a Port Elizabeth bathroom remodeling project instead of simply renovating because they need a larger space for the bathroom or because they are having other alterations done to their homes.

When you start remodeling your bathroom you need to have exact ideas of what you want the finished project to be as any changes to the project after it has begun will cost you more money.

Many home owners in Port Elizabeth want to have at least one bathroom that is spacious, airy and the perfect place to escape to after a hard day at the office, one of the main additions they will want is a separate toilet and basin so that people who need the toilet will not have to disturb the person having some quiet time in the bath!

When you start with your bathroom you will need to find a team of bathroom remodelling contractors in Port Elizabeth that have the necessary qualifications and experience to handle your specific project, you will also want to employ the building company that is able to complete your project as quickly as possible and still be affordable. Although each bathroom project does have its own set of limitations, a professional bathroom contractor will be able to advise you on the most suitable solution for your needs.