Bricklaying is the process of laying bricks to compose a brickwork. It is the basic of all construction trades because bricklayers can build a home and almost everything including: fireplaces, staircases, mailboxes, retaining walls, external and internal walls, and foundations.

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It is considered different from masonry because a mason lays combination of cinder blocks, bricks, and stones in constructing walls. Skills and experience are necessary when looking for someone to do bricklayers Port Elizabeth. Here are some points you need to keep in mind when looking for the right Bricklayer for your next project:

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  • Check for experience and accreditation’s – Bricklaying Contractors should be people who are trained, experienced and certified to do the job. Picking random people to work for you can’t guarantee durability. Speak to someone who has done the same job in the past. It will help if you can check the company’s portfolio and some feedbacks from their previous customers.
  • Ask how the job will be done – Talk to the contractors and know how they are planning to build your brick paving. This way, you are assured that the guys know what they are talking about and that they do not intend to take shortcuts.
  • Get a quote – Price is something you don’t want to neglect. Initial quotation for the job will help you plan and budget. Make sure that there are no other hidden charges and that all costs are discussed accordingly.
  • Know building regulations and planning permissions – If you are not familiar with these two, your bricklaying contractors should be able to guide you. Inquire about documents to present so that the project will be approved.
  • Look for aftercare services – Bricklayers should provide aftercare services in case problems with the work may arise. It is best to hire a professional who is willing to come back for improvements and another follow-up works.
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