Remodel Your Old Brick Home in PE

They’re stately, charming and withstand the test of time, but even brick homes can use an exterior makeover every once in a while.

Whether because of erosion, the need for your bricks to be repainted or just to update and add charm to your house or driveway pavement, there are a variety of reasons why you might want to remodel the exterior.

Fortunately, there are a variety of options available if you are trying to remodel an old brick home.


Painting is a simple means of adding color and character to your brick facade. Using a qualified painting contractor helps to prevent mold and lichen growth as well as acid rain damage that can potentially erode your brick.

Unfortunately, paint does not last nearly as long as brick does, but with newer exterior paints on the market you can enjoy at least 5-10 years of color and protection; if anything, you’re probably as likely to try and change the color before the paint starts peeling!

Another remodel you might consider would be regarding replacing, repairing or repointing brick mortar. As durable as brick is, bricks are still susceptible to cracking, especially if there is any weakening of the brick due to external factors such as collisions, acid rain or lichen growth.

Since you can’t always control these factors, a simple remodel would involve your local brick mason replacing any loose or damaged bricks as well as replacing the diminished mortar between bricks, known as repointing.

Renovating an Old Brick House Exterior in Port Elizabeth

If you are looking to add square footage to your house or are simply looking to add some more texture and color, there are a variety of options you may consider, from extending your brick walls, incorporating synthetic or natural stone veneers or incorporating framed rooms with vinyl or wood siding to enhance and extend the pre-existing brick exterior.


Regardless of your preference, there are a variety of options to consider when it comes to remodeling your old brick home. With the right remodel, you can not only increase your home’s worth but also extend it’s lifetime.

If you’re as charmed with your brick home as most people are, then it’s worth considering some of the many options available to remodel old brick home.