Convert Your Garage Into a Studio Apartment

Did you know that you can convert your garage into an art studio, dance studio, music studio, photography studio, pottery studio, recording studio, or yoga studio?

Doing so will cost you much less than constructing a separate structure from scratch. However, you cannot wake up one day and convert a garage into a studio flat in Port Elizabeth. You have to ask and find answers to the following questions to ensure you made the right choice.

1. Is This What You Want?

You can go ahead with a garage conversion project if it is easy to replace the overhead door with a regular one.

Also, it would help if you considered what it would cost you to extend your HVAC system to this space. If you need additional plumbing, then it should be accessible from the garage.

2. Do You Need A Permit For The Project?

Now that you live in Port Elizabeth, you should find out if the local authority issues permit garage conversions.

Your plans will adhere to established building codes with the proper permit, without which your neighbours will be against the project.

3. Do You Have The Right Contractor?

To convert the garage into a studio apartment, you should work with qualified and experienced Port Elizabeth building contractors.

It helps if the contractor is a local company, especially when it comes to understanding the established building codes and ordinances.

Creating A Studio Apartment From A Garage [VIDEO]